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About WoodCoin

LOG coin is a part of the Woodcoin ecosystem that includes:

  • Currency - LOG.
  • Support for the environment.
  • Environmentally improved mining mechanics.

Woodcoin is trustworthy. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, the rewards for mining don't diminish quickly.

🌳 The mission of the project is to solve environmental problems using the blockchain system. We use technology for the benefit of the planet and our future.

Woodcoin was founded in 2014. Its value in March 2015 was $0.0009. During this time, not only the price of the coin has changed:

🌱 There is a community of like-minded people who follow updates on the project. We regularly share project news on our social networks.

🌱 The coin is already on three exchanges: Hermesus, BitStorage, DexTrade. LOG can be easily exchanged for USDT, BTC, and ETH currencies, which are traded on the Hermesus exchange, as well as BitStorage and Dex-trade ⚖️

🌱 We are developing the WoodLandEco ecosystem, which will help users to receive rewards for planting trees.

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The first eco-friendly coin in the world since 2014 with its own green ecosystem.