Airpdrop holding inquiry

Going to hold an airdrop? You're in the right place!

Airdrop is like a giveaway in the crypto world. People who are interested in crypto can earn new tokens and coins by completing simple requirements. It's free but can help to push forward the project. As well as it's good to projects, because holding and an airdrop, get new holders and expand audience.

Getairdrop can help to hold an airdrop for every project. Here is some advantages being with us:

⭐️ You don't need to build a website that you're not going to use after your airdrop is finished.

⭐️ Your team don't need to check all the participants manually, we check them and the fulfilling requirements automatically.

⭐️ You don't need to collect base and store in a secure place - we'll take care of it.

Seems nice? Here is how it works:

1. To start, fill this form, and we reply you shortly to discuss the details.

2. After that, you send us terms and conditions of your airdrop, and also text content for an airdrop personal page. If you're in need with help to make a nice text and/or picture, just tell us!

3. When preparations are done, your airdrop starts! People join it, fulfill the conditions and wait for the drop.

4. On the finish date, we make the news with your content that the drop successfully finished and determine the winners!

5. Finally, we send you the winners data and waiting to check if the rewarding is done.

Easier than doing it yourself. Isn't it? We are ready to answer all the questions you have. To start, please fill the form below.